Talent@ALTEN: Melissa, our HRBP manager to the rhythm of the music


In our blog ‘Talent @ Alten’ we give the floor to colleagues with a special talent. In this blog Melissa, HR Business Partner at our office in Brussels, gives us insight in her work and her private live.

“The current situation has a big impact on my work. I now work mainly from home and it is more challenging to get in touch not only with my colleagues, but also with candidates. Fortunately, we are seeing a rapid increase in online opportunities. For example, the job fairs, where we would normally have a stand, are being converted into digital events. Appointments we normally made with candidates at our offices, now take place via Skype. In this way we can continue to offer good prospects to candidates in a safe way. Not only my work has been changed, but also my spare time looks very different now.”

Since the beginning of the lock down she has been entertaining us with her partner and her 5-month-old baby in videos. Her entire family uses iconic rock tracks for the pleasure of our ears (and visually attractive thanks to the baby’s adorable mimics).

A musician partners
Melissa is sharing her life with Dave Dash, real name David, who is a musician for many years. He has been involved in personal musical projects, practicing vocals and guitar, as well as in his various bands with a more rock sound. He was also a candidate for The Voice in 2018, his talent having led him to the second ‘battle’. For her part, Melissa confides: “I’m not a musician at all at the base, but I’m starting to learn bass and drums so that I can make new videos. “And that’s great, discover Melissa on drums in their brand new video.

Entertainment during containment
With the current situation, due to covid-19, all concerts have been cancelled. But rather than becoming demoralized, they sought to entertain and enliven the network by sharing his videos. That’s when the idea of integrating the whole family came up. “We thought it might be fun to put baby in the video, it might be fun to see how he reacts. Some evenings we have ideas that come up, one night for example I was having fun whistling the glasses and we made a video of it! So we thought that every day we would find a way to do something different.

Photograph by Ed Sheeran
“The first video we made during the lockdown was the cover of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Photograph of the singer’, in which the baby comes to life in front of his daddy’s voice.” Melissa explains that since she was pregnant, their child has been bathed in music. We’re really looking forward to getting him to play the instrument, but we’re not there yet! Don’t hesitate to discover the videos of Melissa and her family on their YouTube channel. 



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