Romano’s testimonial [IT]


Eight years ago, Romano joined the world of consultancy by choosing ALTEN Belgium.

After two years in Brussels, Romano moved to Luxembourg to develop new projects and subsequently became one of the first consultants in our ALTEN Luxembourg offices. He is sharing a brief story of his interesting and international career.

” I come from Mons in Belgium and I moved to Brussels in 2012 to start my first job at ALTEN Belgium right after my graduation. I was involved in a project for a major telecom provider where I started as a developer/analyst. Then I moved on to a pre-analysis function: in this project we started to collaborate with ALTEN in Spain. This is a nice bonus when you work in an international company!

Two years later, when the client decided to rebuild its IT team in Luxembourg, I was chosen to join them. A mobility opportunity I accepted without hesitation! Through different projects, from database management of the product catalog to the development of Web applications, I started working with one of the countries in our Group, this time ALTEN Italy. I worked with a multifunction cap: development, analysis, specifications writing and schedule management.

I then had the opportunity to take the lead and became Project Manager Officer with a part of my team based in Italy and I kept evolving into an international environment. In parallel, we opened a few more projects with the client, mainly related to digitalization.

After 8 years working for this major telecom provider, I have been able to see various projects, developed myself in different roles, and I have worked on several types of applications and tools. At the same time, I also assisted the manager of ALTEN Luxembourg on different subjects: CV reviews, technical analyses for client’s needs etc.

Being at the start of the creation of ALTEN Luxembourg is a real advantage, it creates a nice family atmosphere. We have a real proximity between consultants. Thanks to many organized events, we know “who is who”, we can put names to faces and know easily in what field each person works.
There is a very good understanding within ALTEN Luxembourg and a long-standing trust that makes me enjoy my work!”



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