ALTEN Belgium nominated for the Trends Gazelle 2021


ALTEN Belgium has been nominated again for the Trends Gazelle 2021 in the category large companies in Brussels!

The selection is made according  to the absolute and relative growth in added value, number of employees and cash flow of the company. In 2020, ALTEN Belgium obtained the highest position in the category ‘Business and IT consultancy’ (have a look at our article).

The results will be announced on January 24th, stay tuned!

The Trends Gazelles are selected on the basis of real growth figures: growth in added value, personnel and cash flow. On the basis of a quantitative analysis by Trends Top, we distinguish 3 categories of companies: “small companies” (added value of less than 1 million euro), “medium-sized enterprises” (added value between 1 and 5 million euros) and “large companies” (added value of more than 5 million euros).

We then evaluate their balance sheets over the last 5 years on the basis of 3 criteria and establish a ranking according to their growth (in absolute and percentage terms): Growth in added value, Staff growth and Cash flow growth

The company must have created 10 jobs since its creation.

And finally, the editors of Trends Tendances assess whether companies will one day be able to demonstrate sufficient operational independence.

For more information about Trends Gazelles visit the website


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