Talent@ALTEN: Mathilde, from industrial pharmacist to relaxing massage


At a time when most of us are working from home, our colleague Mathilde shares her advice on well-being: “get some fresh air, go for a walk, breathe fresh air, stretch and take regular breaks to avoid staying in the same position all the time. “

Mathilde, who has been a consultant in the Life Sciences division for six years, works for a major pharmaceutical company, but in her personal life, the young doctor of pharmacy has developed a new skill: wellness massage. Today she shares her journey with us.

After studying pharmacy in Dijon, France, Mathilde joined ALTEN Belgium and carried out various assignments in qualification & validation, quality assurance and project management in the pharmaceutical industry.

Loving the challenge, versatility and being oriented towards continuous improvement both professionally and personally, a desire, then a project was born and became a reality in April 2020 with the officialization of a complementary activity: offering relaxing massage sessions. Mathilde offers relaxing body, back and head massages and Thai foot massages. “Thai foot massage is similar to reflexology, I accentuate certain points on the foot, sometimes I even use a small stick instead of the thumb to be more precise, in order to relax the whole body. This allows me to touch all the nerves and therefore to offer a different kind of relaxation and lighter legs. ”

According to Mathilde, a massage every two months can only be beneficial, especially in the current context where bad postures are often adopted because of work at home.  But Mathilde reminds us that “the most important thing is to take time for yourself“!

Her values? Kindness, active listening and respect for others. “I really take time for others, in a caring way where judgement has no place“. In her personal life Mathilde is very interested in ecology and tries to apply these gestures in her activity. She uses certified organic vegetable oil and washable towels for example. To go further, Mathilde is currently letting her hair grow to donate it to an association against cancer.

A caring approach to the end!


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