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Matthieu - Software Engineer ALTEN

Meet Matthieu, who has been a consultant at ALTEN for more than 3 years, and in currently on a mission as a Software Engineer!


My name is Matthieu Baralle, I’m a 26-year-old software engineer at ALTEN Belgium. I have studied engineering in Lille, France, majoring in IT and entrepreneurship. Having been in a Junior-Enterprise in my school, I already knew ALTEN and, when I came across the position, I moved to Brussels!

Since my arrival in 2019, I first worked for a Smart mobility company for about 3 years as a full-stack software engineer and recently started a new mission as a Java developer for a public IT company.


What does it mean to be a Software Engineer in Information Technology?

As a software developer, you work on how to implement a project. So, you might do some analysis in the project lifecycle, but your main goal is to implement a quality product, test it, launch it and maintain it.

This position enables you to work on several types of projects: from short-term projects that last a few weeks, to long-run project that can last up to several years. It really depends on the goal of the project – for example, if a whole new feature needs to be developed, or if an existing one just needs improving.


Which skills are needed for this job position?

For this job position, you need both technical and soft skills.

Besides needing a good sense of analysis and comprehension, you also require a broad range of technical skills to feel comfortable enough in each one of your missions and be able to adapt more efficiently.

Regarding soft skills, I think communication, as basic as it may seem, is one of (if not the) most important one. Once on your mission, you need to communicate with all the stakeholders of the projects, in order to understand and achieve the defined goals and deadlines. I also think that it is essential to know when and where to seek help within the team. A good team spirit can sometimes be the key to good project management!


What does an average day in the life of a Software Engineer look like?

Every morning usually starts with an overview of your expectations of the day: you take stock of the progress, next steps, needs… Depending on the project, you either do this task on your own or with your team.

Once this is done, you have a big picture of the project in mind and can switch to the most “administrative” part of the job, where you basically send and answer emails. This part is quite typical of every job but vital for the proper functioning of the project.

Then, after a small coffee break, you dive into several hours of coding. Regularly, at the end of the day, you make time for a review in order to ensure the quality of the code.


What do you like about your job?

I like that the aim of each project is completely different from one to the other: you can find yourself evolving in sectors like smart mobility, sustainable development, energies, public or social services… By working in IT, you have so many opportunities to find the environment in which you want to progress. I think that is rare in a world where many people are constantly questioning the meaning of their work.


How can you develop your skills & experience at ALTEN?

At ALTEN, you can easily develop your technical skills, but also your soft skills:

  • For soft skills, the Academy is very helpful and well-furnished. I’m currently following a course on project management, that allows me to increase my managerial skills to work on projects. It also helps me refresh some knowledges I had learned during my studies but not used recently. I really appreciate how this kind of training helps me maintain and/or update my skills.
  • Regarding the technical aspect, many trainings are also provided via the Academy. For example, I had the opportunity to follow a masterclass allowing me to discover new technologies I had never used before, or more specifically a course on Python. Those trainings are a great opportunity to gain experience in your professional career.


What do you like about working at ALTEN?

I like the fact that I’m able to switch projects and sectors from time to time, and locations as well! You can reinvent yourself by evolving on different projects, different sectors, or changing positions within ALTEN.

If I had to give one specific reason why I like working at ALTEN, it would be the opportunities that you are provided with. For example, at one point, I had the chance to work on a VR project that enabled me to discover this technology. I never thought I would have the opportunity to one day work on that kind of project and I’m thankful ALTEN allowed me to.


Where do you see yourself in your future career?

I would like to progress in more artistic projects or entrepreneurship – in Belgium or Scandinavia.


According to you, why should candidates apply to this vacancy?

As a software engineer, you have a 360-degree view of your project. At ALTEN, you can work on projects in various fields, for various users. ALTEN also allows you to be fluid in your career within the company by changing projects, and sectors or by changing your position, moving to more managerial functions.


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