Software customization – Industry 4.0

Software customization

One of the 4.0 Industry Software’s applications is mainly used to manage laboratory operations in a smarter and more efficient way . It is customized and “tailor-made” for every customer. For the development of the software customization, several teams of developers, team leaders, and project managers are needed.

In this context, several ALTEN consultants are an active part of these teams.

  • Analyzing blueprint and understanding customer’s requirements
  • Discussing workarounds when needed
  • Investigating issues logged by the customer
  • Sharing experience and knowledge through weekly technical meetings
  • Documenting each software customization made


  • Agile – Kanban
  • .NET Framework
  • LINQ
  • Entity Framework
  • SQL Server
  • Javascript (using Kendo UI)
  • VS 2019 and SSMS