ALTEN Belgium delivers everything from development of integrated systems to hardware programming and vehicle steering systems, to mechanical construction, advanced analysis and simulation, and project management within a number of areas.

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  • Mechanical engineering & structure
  • Embedded systems
  • Integration
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Customer support
  • IS, Networks and Telecoms
  • Cross-functional business functions
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ALTEN has become established as a technology partner of choice through:

  • An ability to mobilize resources, to engage in projects with standardized processes and tools and to quickly transform forms of assistance
  • Recognized expertise in specialized areas such as weight management, lean manufacturing and satellite integration
  • Cross-functional support to major deal makers in both the development and design of complex systems and in cross-departmental business functions (quality, PMO, PLM, etc.)
  • A capacity to take ownership of transnational projects (France, Germany, Spain, UK, India)