Career Development

At ALTEN we value the career growth of our employees by offering them new opportunities, a large choice of challenging projects, training and the possibility to pursue your career at ALTEN in another country.


In a world where knowledge is power, it is important to make sure your knowledge stays up to date. At ALTEN Belgium we have already taken the hard part out of the process by creating a department dedicated to the career’s development of our consultants.

Their mission

This department has three main objectives: follow the evolution of our consultants, provide them the needed training to develop their skills and make sure that they are happy with what ALTEN offers them.

The Talent Development also aim to maintain a positive workplace where employees are free to express their ideas, they encourage them to achieve their goals and makes sure that they are rewarded for their performance.

Inside of this department, there is a person dedicated to finding the best trainings to match the expectations of our consultants. The main objectives of these trainings are the development of their skills to allow them to grow inside of their project. The development of their competencies also allows them to work on a larger scale of subjects and projects with more responsibilities.

Evolve at ALTEN

New opportunitiesLearn more

You take advantage of the Group’s growth to quickly take on more responsibilities. Each new project is an opportunity to discover an industrial environment, a different sector of activity and thus to master new technologies and methodologies. The Group has developed skills identification processes to match your wishes with ALTEN’s projects at the technical, sectoral and geographical levels.

International MobilityLearn more

The Group’s scale and its career management policy open up many opportunities for you to move your career forward in all countries. You will be able to evolve within our 3 fields of expertise, project management and business management with possibilities for mobility at all levels, on all functions and in all countries.

TrainingsLearn more

At ALTEN we value the development of the competencies of our employees. For this purpose, we developed the Academy which is dedicated to developing their hard and soft skills.

We are able to offer a large scale of trainings to make sure that our employees will find what they are looking for in term of skills development but also in term of projects. Indeed, a growth of competencies also means more opportunities in terms of positions, responsibilities and projects.

We provide around 70 trainings per month.

Those trainings are given by some external schools and also by some of our experienced consultants who share their knowledge and experience.



Our trainings

ISTQB - Case Business & Functional Analyst - BPMN Method
Soft Skills
Assertive Communication -Time Management
Project Management
Introduction project management - Advanced project management - Prince 2
Lean 6 Sigma

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