Want to know more about what it is like working as a consultant at ALTEN?

In this page, you will learn what consultancy means within ALTEN, what is the role of a consultant, and more! Find out about the added value we can offer, the kind of projects we work on, and some examples of clients and partners we work with.

At ALTEN, we are proud of our extensive network of high-profile clients for whom we carry out very challenging projects, either on site or at one of our offices. In our open and involved organization, we use a personal approach to bring out the best in you. We involve you in the development of ALTEN and listen to your input. You will develop through various projects and through our ALTEN Academy with training courses that match your ambitions. And then of course there are our knowledge sessions, the social (team building) events (mostly organized by our own colleagues) and the informal and personal atmosphere.


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ALTEN is an organization that delivers added value in the form of technical expertise through our employees, the engineers. Because all employees are connected to each other, we form one big knowledge network. ALTEN is therefore a knowledge organization.

We deploy our expertise in various ways. In the form of consultancy, where you as an engineer work in the client’s team to realize the project. With your knowledge and skills you bring the quality of the team to a higher level. We speak of consultancy when we give advice or conduct research into the best solution. In engineering, we support the actual realisation (development) of the solution.

ALTEN also executes projects for our clients through our in-house project organization based in Brussels (Antwerp and Charleroi),  and managed by our Technical Department. Within these projects only ALTEN consultants work and we have full project responsibility. This offers great opportunities for project managers, energy efficiency engineers, validation engineers, software developers, testers and more.

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As a consultant you will work on projects for our clients, which can be executed on site or at one of our offices in Brussels, Antwerp or Charleroi. ALTEN works for clients in all sectors, such as healthcare, high tech, energy, automotive, aerospace, telecom and railway. These clients vary in size from innovative start-ups, small and medium sized enterprises to international players. For these large companies, we are even preferred supplier. We are therefore the first to be involved in the development of the latest innovations, which gives you the opportunity to work on the most exciting projects. To give you an idea: we have worked on innovations that make autonomous driving possible, energy efficiency, innovations towards a carbon-free society, production and validation of vaccines, and the latest developments in healthcare.

You can work with cutting edge techniques or with proven technologies, so every environment has its advantages!

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The ALTEN Technical Department is responsible for the in-house execution of projects. You are part of a permanent core team of specialists that is set up in such a way that the expertise needed is at your fingertips; engineers and testers; software developers, project managers and technical or IT specialists. All these specialists are ALTEN consultants, who have all the qualities needed for the complete application lifecycle, from design and planning to realization and management. The ADC  Projects executed in-house show different types of developments: electronicsengineering design, equipments and processes validation, test automation, desktop/mobile/web applications, Cloud infrastructure and business intelligence.

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Margot Geirnaert

“ALTEN accompanies you during all your projects and is always really attentive. They make sure that every consultant feels good on their mission. Even when changing a project, they are always open to the consultant’s wishes.”

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Elyn Meert

“As a consultant at ALTEN, I have always felt very welcome and understood. Business Managers listen to your opinions and preferences for projects and support you in mapping out a career path that is tailored to your wishes.”

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Florian Gielen

“ALTEN takes care of its consultants, there is a real follow-up, and the events organized are always enriching. The atmosphere at those events is really great and it’s always a pleasure to meet everyone.”

The DNA of an ALTEN consultant

Recruitment Process

Phone discussion with one of our Talent Acquisition Partners
Interview with a Business Manager
Second interview. A test case can be part of the process, depending on the division
Final interview

Development opportunities

Development opportunitiesLearn more

As a consultant at ALTEN you will find that you will develop your skills quickly. This is partly because of our wide variety of projects and partly because of our continuous attention to your development. To facilitate this we have developed the ‘career diamond’ and offer trainings through our own ALTEN Academy. You can read more about the development opportunities below.

ALTEN has clients in various sectors with different company sizes. This can vary from startups to large international players. This large diversity of projects ensures that you can always continue to develop, whether this concerns the newest techniques or organizational aspects.

One of the unique aspects within ALTEN is our in-house project organization, which executes projects for our customers at one of our offices. Because of our project responsibility, all roles within the project lifecycle are present.This gives you the opportunity to fulfill your ambition under the guidance of ALTEN.

ALTEN is a knowledge company and our consultants are knowledge owners in their expertise. Through the ALTEN Academy and our Knowledge Sharing Sessions (KSS), we share this knowledge not only with our customers, but also with you as a consultant.

Only a few careers follow a straight line. Especially at the beginning of a career there is a need to try out in order to experience which direction you want to go. To facilitate you as a consultant with your career we have developed the career diamond; a model that represents both vertical and horizontal growth. The vertical growth is represented by translating different skills into levels of seniority, for example your technical skills, coaching junior colleagues, making a direct contribution to the success of ALTEN, etc.. Horizontal growth is characterized by expertise ranging from technical depth (through technical direction and project direction) to management.

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Supervision within ALTEN is very important. You will have your own Business Manager who will help, guide and coach you. Besides that, your colleagues are also very important, both in terms of content and fun (one of our core values). Read more about the coaching within ALTEN below.


At ALTEN you have your own Business Manager, together with you he/she is responsible for your career. The Business Manager is your first point of contact and you will meet him/her regularly during progress meetings or your annual performance review. A big advantage is that the Business Manager is also responsible for the client for whom you perform on your project. This means he/she can coach you better and knows exactly how things work at the client. The team of consultants for which a Business Manager is responsible is not very large, so you have a lot of personal contact. In this way, together we contribute directly to our core value of Open & Engaged.

Throughout the year, many meetings and events take place with your ALTEN colleagues. These are both for knowledge sharing (matching our core value Sharing) and for fun. For example, our dinner parties at the end of the year, but also our bi-monthly meetings and KSS. Good moments to continue to meet your colleagues and learn from each other.