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Support Functions

Support Functions, you are the cornerstones of the Group and contribute to its growth! Unleash your potential

Joining ALTEN as a Support Function means working on meaningful projects, accelerating your personal and professional growth, and evolving in a stimulating environment, where expertise meets collaboration.
ALTEN Belgium has a large back office team, which takes care of the daily support in the areas of Recruitment, Finance, Human Ressources, Fleet, Talent Development, Purchasing & Office, Legal, Communication, and IT support.

Joining ALTEN means joining a house that is constantly evolving. We value the skills of our talents and willingly entrust them with responsibilities. We are also committed to training you to ensure your performance and equip you with the necessary tools to respond to market changes and developments.


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Our support functions testify

“We are strongy encouraged to propose and implement new ideas and I have the chance to work with an amazing team and great colleagues. Over the years, ALTEN has consistently presented me with new challenges in terms of roles and countries.”

Lucie – Talent Development Manager

“In nearly 10 years of career at ALTEN, I’ve seen my function evolve to become transverse: recruitment, management, training, campus management, and employer branding. Every day, I continue to learn and develop.” 

Thibaud – Recruitment Manager

“After 10 years on recruitment functions within ALTEN, I had the chance to learn a new profession while being accompanied. Nothing better than to continue to challenge oneself, broaden one’s skills and thrive daily.” 

Anne-Mallory – HR Admin Manager

ALTEN supports you at every stage of your career

Your onboarding process

We want you to feel right at home from your first steps at ALTEN! That’s why, in addition to a training period allowing you to familiarise yourself with your new working environment, we’ll organise an integration interview two months post-arrival. This will be the opportunity for you to review and reflect on your first career steps, all in the company of your career advisor and recruiter! 

Management of your skills

We continually invest in the development of our employees’ skills to enable their efficiency and performance, and to open the door to internal mobility within the Group. Project management, personal development, IT guidance, business skills, office automation, languages, safety and accident prevention… there are a plethora of ways in which we support our employees.  

Your development opportunities

Your career adviser will be there to help you find a suitable position that matches your career aspirations and is in line with the Group’s growth objectives.  Support Functions encompass a wide range of multifaceted professions and pose tremendous opportunities for advancement and development of your talents. ALTEN offers Career Paths in which you can progress hierarchically or functionally, between professions and fields. 

Live the international experience!

Looking for an exciting challenge? ALTEN offers great international career opportunities to committed talents and experts.

If you want to take part in the most innovative technological projects, develop your skills and discover new, multicultural environments, join ALTEN internationally!

Are you interested in joining our team?