VIE@ALTEN - Myriam Aazouz - ALTEN Belgium

VIE@ALTEN – Myriam Aazouz

What is your professional background?  

After completing a baccalaureate in Laboratory Sciences and Technologies (STL), I continued my studies with a Higher Technical Certificate in Biotechnology (BTSA ANABIOTEC) and finished with a Professional Bachelor’s Degree in Quality Control of Biopharmaceuticals, done through a work-study program. I began my professional journey as a microbiology technician and then became a trainer in a pharmaceutical company. Following this experience, I was contacted by ALTEN and left France to move to Belgium!   

What are the benefits of the VIE contract? What were your expectations? 

The number one advantage is the tremendous professional and personal growth you gain from working abroad! This was my biggest expectation before starting my contract, and after more than a year in VIE, I can say I am completely satisfied. A VIE also brings wonderful encounters, mutual support, and a lot of discoveries.

How was your first contact with ALTEN?  

My first contact with ALTEN was on LinkedIn. I wasn’t familiar with the VIE contract, so they informed me about it and its benefits. They offered me a mission that matched my area of expertise, and the recruitment process was smooth and quick. 

What is your current mission at ALTEN?

I am currently a deviation coordinator. My mission? To investigate issues that arise during vaccine production. I conduct interviews, communicate, research, and decipher in order to identify the cause of the problem and implement solutions! It’s a true mix between Ada Twist and Inspector Gadget 🙂   

Why did you choose Belgium?  

I would say that Belgium chose me! Not knowing about the VIE program, I accepted the mission that ALTEN offered me and, in the end, Belgium is fantastic! It’s great for the pharmaceutical sector and especially perfect for a first experience abroad! Same currency and (almost) the same language.

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