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The energy transition and collective awareness of climate change has highlighted the need to shift the world’s energy towards a low-carbon energy mix, favoring renewable energies. However, renewable energies are intermittent, as their production depends on unpredictable weather conditions. Energy storage as part of the energy transition is therefore a major challenge for the next 25 years.

With more than 2,900 engineers around the world involved in energy transition, ALTEN has been working with key players in large-scale strategic projects with important engineering components in the fields of nuclear power, renewable, oil & gas and energy storage.

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Engineering Tomorrow’s nuclear 

New Nuclear



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ISO 19 443


ALTEN has been working with key players in the sector on a global scale and across the entire nuclear value chain, positioning itself as an end-to-end service provider (R&D engineering, industrial methods, supply chain, digital, etc.). The company is also participating in large-scale strategic projects with highly technical engineering requirements in the fields of New Built, operations and maintenance in operational condition, commissioning, and start-up, decommissioning and waste treatment, transport and distribution.

In terms of nuclear quality and safety, ALTEN is ISO 19443 certified and supports the progress towards decarbonation as well as the achievement of energy independence. 

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Inside the Nuclear Industry:
our Team Insights

“In the nuclear industry, the project manager plays a pivotal role in reactor maintenance, overseeing plant maintenance operations with a focus on quality, deadlines, and financial aspects.”

Adrien, Project Manager

“Specifically in the nuclear sector, operational pilots are responsible for drafting deliverables for nuclear power plants and conducting on-site interventions. […] Their work is closely tied to the “Grand Carénage” project, involving the extension of nuclear power plants.”

Mehdi, Operational pilot

“As a structural engineer in the nuclear industry, my expertise revolves around anchoring systems crucial for the stability of nuclear facilities. My central role involves designing, analysing, and managing these anchoring systems to ensure the strength and safety of the structures. Additionally, I supervise complex projects, coordinate multidisciplinary teams, and ensure strict compliance with nuclear safety standards. My ultimate goal is to safeguard the long-term reliability of nuclear facilities by maintaining rigorous quality standards and expertly managing the risks associated with anchors.”

Rania, Structural Engineer

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Renewal of the nuclear industry

There is a growing demand for skills at all levels in today’s nuclear work force. ALTEN is identifying needs, applying knowledge, and conducting training to help build the capacity required globally.

ALTEN has created the Nuclear ALTEN Academy in order to achieve successful staffing with profiles from other sectors. The company enables them to develop their skills further so they can confidently and efficiently apply them to the nuclear sector.

Conception of new reactors  

A new generation of powerful nuclear reactors is being designed, tested and put into operation. They are intended to help decarbonise energy while ensuring safety. ALTEN supports its partners in developing and deploying these new reactors, aiming to make power more accessible, more sustainable, and safer.

Safety and security

Ensuring safety in the nuclear domain is a priority to protect human health, preserve the environment and secure infrastructure. Informed by lessons from the past while incorporating foresight as to future possibilities, all ALTEN staff are expected to apply a rigorous approach, an inquisitive stance and effective communication.

Extending power plants’ life

Nuclear power offers solutions to today’s burgeoning energy needs. In France, this means ensuring that the existing plants continue to function safely and efficiently while newer ones are in the offing. It also means preparing to deal with dismantlement once they become outdated. 

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