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Software developer – Fabrizio

Software developer - Fabrizio

Consultant in the IT division, Fabrizio is currently working on a mission as a software developer. Find out in his testimonial what it consists about!

I am Fabrizio Gentile, 29 years old, from Mons in Belgium. I studied IT Management at HELHa Mons and graduated in 2019.

I have been working at ALTEN since 2019 as an IT consultant, first on a project for an automation machinery manufacturing, and now for a big Telecommunication company.

 What does it mean to be a Software Developer in Information Technology? 

As Software Development is a wide domain, it is impossible to give a precise definition.

I would say that it consists in understanding requirements and transforming them into something usable. In my opinion, most of the work consists into merging functional and technical aspects to have the best final product.

Also, Software Development is a sequence of challenges, which means that every task is different. That drives me the most. It is one of the less repetitive job that exists.

 Which skills are needed for this job position? 

Obviously, you should have basic technical skills, for example acquired through a Bachelor’s degree. The good point is that technical skills are something you will learn and grow with experience.

As soft skills, the most important for this position you should have, are: problem solving skills and interest in the area you are working with.

How does an average day in the life of a Software Developer looks like? 

As I said previously, in this job, one day is always different from another.

Usually, you start the day by discussing with your team what you have done the day before and what you are going to do today. This is the ‘agile approach’, which is used a lot nowadays.

Then you do your tasks: analysis, coding, communicating with your teammates, solving bugs, sometimes troubleshooting final users ( not all developers do this, but if you show an interest in user support, it can sometimes be part of your scope ) …

At the end of the day, you wrap everything up and, ideally, document your work in progress for the next day.

What do you like about your job? 

Solving problems. That’s really the thing that drives me since the first IT project I made at school.

The feeling of having struggled for hours to figure out how to code this or that, and you finally coming up with something that works well as expected, is just indescribable.

How can you develop your skills & experience at ALTEN? 

For me, one of the best sides of ALTEN, is the ease to access trainings. Attending to trainings and certifications is highly encouraged, and this is very important, especially in IT.

Moreover, there are various ways to grow your skills at ALTEN:

  • A platform with a huge amount of video training on various topics
  • Real-life trainings with an external trainer on various topics
  • Language courses and Conversation tables
  • ALTEN internal documentation
  • Knowledge sharing sessions

 What do you like about working at ALTEN? 

ALTEN is a big consultancy company that keeps growing every year, but each consultant is considered individually: the business managers are minding about their consultant’s interests, their evolution wishes, their mental wellness.

It is not easy to cope with a growing number of consultants, and ALTEN strives to keep its teams as a “family”. This is what pleases me the most.

 Where do you see yourself in your future career? 

I really would like to evolve with ALTEN. I wish to move away from the technical side more towards a commercial side, perhaps as a project manager, or even a business manager, which could be a logical development in a consultant’s career ( many people at ALTEN have followed this path, with success!  According to you, why should candidates apply to this vacancy? 

Consultancy, and especially ALTEN, are the best way to start a career: a wide panel of project, in various sectors which allows the consultants to have more choice for their evolution. They can either change or stay for years, depending on the feeling and evolution they have at the project. It is great because it allows you to gain experience quickly.

Also, the salary evolution is honest ( yes, that is also important! ).

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