LiDAR Calibration Engineer​ - ALTEN Belgium

LiDAR Calibration Engineer​

LiDAR and Camera Calibration Engineer​

The mission with this client was an innovative project to develop an industrial process for LiDAR and a camera behind a windshield calibration. Our partner is the main multinational in the glass industry that supplies nearly all the big car manufacturers with a wide range of windows and new glass technologies, for different sectors in the automotive industry. Car manufacturers are integrating LiDAR and Camera sensors behind the windshield. If these sensors are already intrinsically calibrated, the glass affects the optical properties of optoelectronic technologies, with light saturation, signal distortion, and error measurements.   ALTEN’s involvement in this project was benchmarking LiDAR analysis as a preliminary step to design and industrialize a calibration method. ALTEN helped the glass manufacturer by providing them with an expert in automotive LiDAR sensors and algorithm implementations.     ALTEN ACTIVITIES 

  • Testbed preparation and setting of different LiDAR solutions  
  • Scenario elaboration including reflectivity targets, vehicles, pedestrians, and different types of glasses  
  • Data collection based on the scenario definition  
  • Data analysis with target extraction  
  • Distortion and error analysis with different metrics  
  • Regular contact with suppliers  
  • Technical reports writing including safety recommendations 


  • AGILE organisation  
  • LIght Detection And Ranging
  • Ethernet communications  
  • Wireshark frame decoding 


  • MATLAB Simulink 

ALTEN’S ADDED VALUE  Main competencies deployed   LiDAR point cloud and data analysis expertise      Technical and soft skills   Ability to work in site with technicians    Ability to organise data collection on-site and data storage and analysis in the office