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Railway signalization systems

Railway signalization systems

For this project, ALTEN collaborated with one of the leaders of the railway industry. Our partner develops and markets mobility solutions that provide sustainable foundations for the future of transportation (from high-speed trains, metros, monorails, and trams, to turnkey systems, services, infrastructure, signaling, and digital mobility). The European ETCS/ERTMS is a standard for rail interoperability. The company provides ERTMS/ETCS solutions that are scalable, configurable, and adaptable to all types of trackside and onboard projects. On this mission, ALTEN experts were working with EVC3: the European Vital Computer in charge of securing railway signalization systems.   ALTEN provided experts that were involved in various activities:  

  • Verification and Validation of EVC3.  
  • Review of Specification Documents. 
  • Writing and performing of functional tests. 
  • Integration of new software versions.  
  • Improvement of the ERTMS/EVC3 system quality. 


  • Review of requirement: verify that requirements in the scope are not ambiguous, detailed, and testable
  • Writing of test specifications: writing of test specifications and test criteria for system validation and characterization
  • Perform verification activities and test review
  • Test execution
  • Report preparation: give feedback to the customer and communicate on system behavior and availability
  • Bug detection: the aim of our activities, in order to provide a better system for customers
  • Report preparation: give feedback to the customer and communicate on system behavior and availability
  • Communication with all stakeholders: system engineer, software engineer, end-user customers, management
  • Customer support



  • V cycle
  • EVC test bench
  • Formal requirement review of system and subsystem
  • Alstom conf generation (OPUS, fastprep)


  • Linux
  • Python

  ALTEN ADDED VALUE Main competencies deployed

V&V expertise on ERTMS EVC3 activities.

Main achievement

First EVC3 software version ended and deliver to project. Stepping up in a very short time to create tests and execute them to provide a better system to customers. 

Added value for Customer

High level of autonomy and easy to interact with every stakeholder

V&V and ERTMS/EVC3 solution expertise

High ability to understand stakes at every level, from technological issues to high-level project problematics