Manufacturing - ALTEN Belgium


Continuous manufacturing presents growing challenges, whatever the galenic form of your product, from capsules, solutions, suspensions, emulsions, gels, creams to aerosols….

ALTEN Belgium supports its customers with the following activities:

Deviation Management:
• Managing root cause investigations
• Assessing potential impact on product and GMP activities
• Defining and implementing corrective and preventive actions
• Continuous improvement in order to reduce recurrent deviations to arise.

Industrial Excellence:
• Assessing and evaluating existing processes and defining potential improvements
• Implementing actions to decrease waste and improve the reliability and efficiency of the operational process
Sterility Assurance:
• Assessing and improving activities linked to environmental monitoring and aseptic practices
• Implementation and follow-up of a relevant monitoring, defined with risk approach

Our activities area concerns the following sectors:

> Clean utilities (HVAC, ACP)
> Black utilities (steam)
> Shutdown management

> LAF, RABS and isolators
> Filling lines, bulk, formulation areas
> Purification, (ultra)filtration
> Dry form equipment (tableting machine, powder mixer, granulation…), liquid form equipment
> Packaging