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Testing, Test Automation & Compliance

Testing, Test Automation & Compliance allows you to make sure that your applications and systems are functioning as requested by the stakeholders.

Regulatory Compliance is assured and a decreased time to market without loss of quality is a fact. Our consultants perform all necessary verifications before the go-live to enable reliability.

Testing as a Service (TaaS)

We deliver automated application testing services that orchestrate the testing process end-to-end by automating the application under test using test tools, executing load and/or functional test scripts against the application and providing application monitoring and diagnostic data for analysis. TaaS makes it possible to significantly reduce testing time and costs without compromising quality and enables organizations to be more agile in delivering critical business applications to their users.

Test Strategy / Methodology

Our consultants will create and deliver a test strategy and methodology- an outline that describes the testing approach of the software development cycle. They will inform project managers, testers, and developers about some key issues of the testing process. This includes the testing objective, methods of testing new functions, total time and resources required for the project, and the testing environment.

Risk-Based Testing

Risk-Based Testing will prioritize the tests of features and functions based on the risk of their failure – a function of their importance and likelihood or impact of failure.

Mobile Testing as a Service (mTaaS)

We provide on-demand testing services for mobile applications and support software validation and quality engineering processes by leveraging a cloud-based scalable mobile testing environment.

Test Process Improvement (TPI)

Managing the balance between realizing the commercial demands of the business and simultaneously meeting the organization’s own stringent professional IT standards is not easy. Furthermore, aligning testing to the delivery organization often raises problems of an immature testing process and the uncertainty of how to make worthwhile improvements.
Our consultants implement an assessment of an organization’s testing maturity with a view to improving its overall testing and QA effectiveness and efficiency. TPI will provide an objective insight into the ‘maturity’ of an organization’s entire test process. Let us optimize your testing capabilities by identifying and defining steps for improvement.

SAP Testing

Gain an immediate business advantage by ensuring that mission-critical applications empower your enterprise to work smarter, faster and better – the ultimate goal of any SAP project. Business advantage actually begins at the application’s definition and deployment stages. Our consultants will guide you to meet the need of the business and end-users.

Mobile Testing

Reducing the complexity of mobile testing, faster go to market, assurance on quality every time you go live is the goal ALTEN has when working together with our clients on mobile testing.
Avoiding exposure to risks and business damages using a pragmatic testing approach, tailored to the business goals you want to reach. Our experts will conduct a process by which application software developed for hand held mobile devices is tested for its functionality, usability, consistency, performance, …
ALTEN uses its expertise to provide CMAP trainings allowing each participant to gain knowledge on the challenges of and ways to test Mobile Applications.

COTS Testing

Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) software is becoming an ever-increasing part of organizations’ total IT strategy for building and delivering systems. With COTS, customers are buying a software packet instead of building custom software. A common perception held by many people is that since a vendor developed the software, much of the testing responsibility is carried by the software vendor. However, people are learning that as they buy and deploy COTS-based systems, the test activities are not necessarily reduced, but shifted to other types of testing not seen on some in-house developed systems
ALTEN assists you in highlighting these shifts and challenges and makes sure to implement the best solution strategy for testing your COTS-based applications. One of the main differences between COTS testing and traditional testing is to make sure that sufficient focus is given to the customizations made compared with out-of-the-box functionalities. These functionalities should be tested by the provider of the software.


The ISTQB® Partner Program recognizes organisations with a demonstrated commitment to software testing certifications.
ALTEN as a group has the “GLOBAL Partnership” thanks to the Platinum Partnership of ALTEN Italia and ALTEN Sweden and the Gold Partnership of ALTEN BELGIUM.
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