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At ALTEN, as a global company with local expertise and a concentration of talents, we accompany our customers and their diverse needs and take on their various challenges. ALTEN supports everything, from on-site resources to structured project engagements, and contributes to our client’s technical and profitable success. Our engineers, thanks to their commitment and proficiency, lead projects in numerous sectors, such as aerospace, automotive, defence, energy, technical software, industry, and railway.   Using the latest technologies and our passion for innovation, we help our clients through the whole process, from concept to development, design, quality, project management, and industrialisation. ​


Service Areas


At ALTEN, we believe that multidisciplinary teams are the key to any project’s success. That is why we have generalist and specialist profiles ready to collaborate with our customers throughout the full product development cycle. Our engineers have a wide range of skillsets, including design, simulation, and embedded systems development, and an extensive knowledge of diverse industries, such as automotive, railway, or aeronautics. This expertise enables us to offer technical quality and high-performance innovative solutions.

  • Mechanical/Electrical/System Design
  • Product Analysis
  • SW & HW Development

ALTEN improves manufacturing processes and reduces production and quality costs by providing solutions based on the best technologies and standards. With industry-leading technology and a presence in various sectors, ALTEN helps companies with innovative and smart supply chains, efficient production processes, sourcing and procuring items, products, and equipment – making us a complete partner for your various assignments. 

  • Project Management 
  • Process and Industrialisation  
  • Automation / Industry 4.0 
  • Maintenance 

ALTEN supports the process industry in investment and maintenance projects, streamlining processes, and developing industrial equipment. We also engage with energy players in renewables, nuclear, and oil & gas companies across upstream, midstream, and downstream, delivering support related to energy generation, transmission, storage, and distribution. 

  • Engineering 
  • Site Location 
  • EPC 
  • O&M 
  • Automation I&C 

Our expertise allows us to help companies implement generalist and specific quality management systems applicable in industry segments such as Automotive, Aeronautics, Space, Energy, and Railway.  
At ALTEN, we engage with our clients in quality assurance activities applied to suppliers, logistics, and manufacturing processes, along with quality control in the laboratory environment. 
Our engineers also bring quality to the realm of product development, being that of hardware and software in embedded systems.  

  • Quality Management Systems 
  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance 
  • SW and HW Testing 

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